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Poster: CK777 Date: Oct 8, 2022 1:53am
Forum: sflan Subject: Current state of SFLan and questions about expansion

Hi to everyone who is already a part of this program (or inspired idea that never came to fruition?) and/or it's community of commentators/supporters, below.
Please forgive my total ignorance of this initiative, it's history and current state. I'm in fact totally new to this entire website, discovering it by accident only an hour ago. Floored and enthralled I started giving the main pages a once over and out of everything I saw, this stood out to me as a must read immediately, subject. I also saw that it said in the overview that they were looking for additional cities interested in participating and whether my city knows it or not, it is. Interested. It also has access to the means to do it and we certainly have a myriad low income communities to choose from. It's also coming up on the elections and this subject could use a free and wide reaching voice to garner the attention it deserves with a person/organization attached, to ensure accountability for it's implementation.
I know that this was started quite some time ago, and I don't know if it was successful in any way or location. I also don't know, especially in light of covid and the considerable changes it forced cities to rapidly adopt ("free" Comcast internet that's not really free, has an expiration date and will get you online maybe 25% of the time, anyone? But we all fell for it and now are paying for it or losing it entirely, regardless of need based income), if this project has been killed or is still going full throttle somewhere in SF or if it's on life support and looking for cities/partners to help bring it "to fruition".
I apologize for the lengthy reply. Unfortunately, I'm on my mobile and was not able to open a single folder or document that was attached to the home page re: Fast and Free. I'm not even sure if this is the place or forum within to ask these questions. If anyone out there has any answers or can point me towards the person or group that has them, I would greatly appreciate it. I think a lot of people in this Midwest (windy 😉) city would as well. Thank you in advance, for any replies or help!

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Poster: muhammad muhasin Date: Nov 1, 2022 4:13am
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: Current state of SFLan and questions about expansion